Are you looking to buy some land to farm?

How about your very own slice of hunting paradise?  Maybe, you've always wanted to live out in the country.

Well, I ran across a website that could be useful in all three of those scenarios.  It's called, and it's pretty simple to use.  Just type in the county or city in North Dakota you want to purchase land from, and it will conjure up some listings for you lickity split.

I also found something else interesting on the website.  Do you know which county in North Dakota currently has the most land for sale?  There's a good chance you might even be living in it.

None other than Burleigh County.

In fact, there are currently 47 listings for sale in Burleigh County, which is more than any other county in the state.  I know my family would LOVE to find a place a little more in the country.  You can see those listings here.

According to, There are about 100,000 acres of North Dakota farms, ranches, and rural real estate for sale.  All that land ups to about $146 million in overall value. Of all the counties in North Dakota, yep, it's good ol' Burleigh County with the most available land.  Sounds like a tremendous opportunity to me.

I had a dream growing up to one day own some hunting land.  I wanted my own little slice of hunting heaven that I could manage for pheasants and duck hunting.  My career path unfortunately has made this dream impossible.  Unfortunately, DJ's just don't make enough money to own land like that.  I should've married for the money.  Just kidding honey.



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