We've all been in this situation. It happened to me last year. You have family visiting and for whatever reason, you're stuck with them for an unexpected extra day or two. What do you do with them?

I was in this situation last year, when my dad and sister came to North Dakota for our annual walleye fishing trip, but I had their travel dates wrong on my end. I thought they were flying out on one day, and it was actually two days later. What do I do with these people?

Of course, I became their personal tour guide for our beautiful state. North Dakota is blessed with many tourist traps to keep just about anybody busy. Of course, I took them to the state capitol, the Heritage Center, Medora and we took a ride on the riverboat.

To discover the best museum to visit in North Dakota, we turn to The Daily Meal. To determine this task, DM took to tourist social media pages such as FourSquare.

And they have determined the National Buffalo Museum in Jamestown is the best tourist museum in North Dakota, featuring the worlds largest buffalo standing proudly just off from I94.

I still the Heritage Museum is the gem of North Dakota.

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