After after a couple weeks of voting, we finally know which restaurant has the best brunch in Bismarck-Mandan.

A couple weeks ago, we had you vote for the best brunch in Bismarck-Mandan. When we closed our poll, there was a tie between Blarney Stone Pub and Starving Rooster. We weren't satisfied with a tie, so we had one more round of voting to determine a winner.

It was a very close race. These two restaurant/bars have some dedicated brunch fans, myself included. The poll received a total of 747 votes. The winner, with 56.22% of the votes is...


Congrats to Blarney Stone! Your Bloody Mary/Mimosa Bar, delicious breakfast menu and fun atmosphere has won Bismarck-Mandan over.

Starving Rooster held its own and received 43.78% of the votes. What kind of poll should we do next? Stay tuned!

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