Growing up in the region or the state you were born in can say a lot about you to others not from the same region.


Country Living published a story last week, the says where you were born, says a lot about you.

I was born and raised in the deep south of Louisiana. Even after 6 years of living in North Dakota, and living over 10 years in the Midwest, it does not take long before a stranger says, "where you from", because you have an accent?

The accent they are picking up on, is a Southern accent. And regardless of how much they try to guess, it's never correct. I've heard people guess I'm from New York  or an English accent even a Swedish accent. Being from Louisiana, my taste in food is somewhat different. I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico, and always had an abundant of fresh crabs, shrimp and all sorts of fish. Yes, and even crawfish. (I had alligator stew tonight)

Country Living listed North Dakotans have the following things in common-

  • You know what 'uff da" means and you use the expression.
  • You've been in a church basement and enjoyed a potluck meal.
  • Our salads includes Jell-O and little greens and veggies.

Really? Do they know what the heck they're talking about. North Dakotans love Ranch dressing, tator-tot hot dish, deer hunting and walleye fishing. We know how to handle even the harshest winters and we have four distinct seasons! My list would have been much better than theirs.

That's North Dakota!

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