Survey results are in from the city of Bismarck discussing the best and the worst the city has to offer.

A couple of months ago, the city of Bismarck asked residents for suggestions for the city. We've already discussed areas that Bismarck needs to improve in. Now let's talk about the things people say makes Bismarck a great city to live in.

It should be noted that the answers provide a fairly small sample size. The most current estimate from the US Census Bureau puts the Bismarck population at 71,167 people. There were 1,238 people who responded to the survey.

  • Maciej Korzekwa | ThinkStock
    Maciej Korzekwa | ThinkStock

    Reasonable Traffic and Commute Times


    Bismarck is not that big of a place and when it comes to commute times, people are generally pretty satisfied. However, this topic also came up as item No. 6 on the list of things Bismarck needs to improve. Here are comments people had regarding commute times in Bismarck:

    • "My commute is perfect, after having lived in larger cities."
    • "My commute from one side of the city to the opposite end is about 20 minutes. 12 minutes to get to Mandan. It's got decent traffic flow"
    • "Commute times are great compared to other major cities."
    • "Bismarck isn't to a size yet that the commute time and traffic is a huge problem for me."
    • "Love my short commute to work!"

    Recreational Opportunities / Public Parks / Open Spaces


    Bismarck has a ton of parks and trails and people were not shy about expressing how much they enjoyed the parks.

    • "I think Bismarck Parks and Rec does a good job maintaining our bike paths and community parks and provides lots of opportunities for the community members to stay active."
    • "We love the parks, walking paths, etc."
    • "I love having access to the river and parks in the summer."
    • "Bismarck has beautiful parks and easy access to the river."
    • "Obviously mentioned earlier there are plenty of things to do outside and Bismarck does a great job with providing trails around the park system especially near the Missouri River which is a great scenery."
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    Ingram Publishing | ThinkStock

    Stable Growing Local Area Economy


    Bismarck consistently is ranked well in terms of it's economy. More people continue to flock to Bismarck and the economy is fairly good here.

    This is what residents had to say:

    • "Bismarck's stable, growing economy provides certainty."
    • "Jobs are abundant, economy is better than most in the U.S."
    • "Unemployment rate is lower, and the economy is fairly stable and diversified."
    • "Bismarck has a history of providing a stable economy for jobs and business."
    • "Having a stable economy helps to provide security for families and opportunities to bring in younger people."
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    Monkey Business Images | ThinkStock

    Safe and Academically Successful Public Schools


    Schools are obviously very important for families and it seems people in Bismarck are pretty happy with the schools here.

    Some quotes from the survey:

    • "Safe schools and good education are available and that is not the case for every community in our Nation."
    • "The schools are top notch."
    • "What I do feel Bismarck has going for it are good schools."
    • "We've enrolled our son in private school but felt I had far more good choices in Bismarck than we previously had."
    • "The schools here are amazing and my children get a great education."
  • Lauren Zimmerman | ThinkStock
    Lauren Zimmerman | ThinkStock

    Safe Neighborhoods and Streets


    Bismarck is one of the safest cities in the country and it makes it a very attractive place to live. And according to the survey, it is what makes Bismarck the most attractive. Here's what people had to say:

    • "Most of everything chosen deals with outdoor activities and neighborhood safety. These are very important to my wife and I for raising a family."
    • "Moved back here in 2003 to raise our children in safe city closer to family."
    • "Safe community with very nice people."
    • "Bismarck is, for the most part, a very safe place to live."
    • "I love that my former and current neighborhoods still have the safe feel I remember from my childhood."

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