You'll have to make a drive up north to feast at the establishment that has won the title of 'Best Sandwich in North Dakota.'

While other outlets have previously weighed in on where they think you can get the best sandwich in North Dakota, Travel and Leisure has picked out the best sandwiches in every state. In North Dakota, it's up in Minot at Magic City Hoagies.

Yelp was where Travel and Leisure went to find the results, and the posted reviews don't lie. While we've never been there, the person with the most reviews on their Yelp commented:

I love this place - yummy yummy hoagies! And they are so quick! There is always a line out the door and they get your sandwiches done in no time. Great prices especially when comparing to other sandwich shops - better quality than anything you can get at other shops! A+

Several other reviews were posted with the very same sentiments, along with several recommendations off their menu.

Next time you're in Minot, it looks like Magic City Hoagies is the place to be.

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