North Dakota, population wise, doesn't have a lot of people in it. But there are some cities that couldn't even put together a baseball team.

Let's take a look at what cities fit into this category. We used population estimates from 2016 via the US Census Bureau to pull our data.


  • Bergen, North Dakota

    Population: 7

    Once a thriving metropolis that was able to field almost as much as six baseball teams (population of 52 in 1960 according to Ghosts of North Dakota), this city just 32 miles Southeast of Minot comes up two players shy when trying to put together a baseball team.

    As one individual noted when he was passing through Bergen during one of their block parties, "this is a pretty fun library."*

  • Grano, North Dakota

    Population: 7

    Grano, home of Shooter's Bar, the only business in town, also comes up two players shy on a baseball diamond. The city is about 40 miles Northwest of Minot.

    The city's four-on-four basketball tournament was canceled back in the winter of 2012.*

  • Ruso, North Dakota

    Population: 4

    Ruso, which apparently plays a role in the movie 'The Cut' (according to Wikipedia and literally nowhere else), doesn't even have enough residents for a basketball team.

    However, their doubles tennis tournament held every August is the most popular event in the city.*

    Ruso is about 37 miles Southeast of Minot.

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