Snacking. We all do it. It's unavoidable. But what is the most popular snack in North Dakota?

Karin Lau | ThinkStock

The website YouGov looked at user profiles on their site to analyze each state's favorite snack. The Lay's Brand appeared to be the most popular across all 50 states with that coming in at the top spot in 14 states.

Doritos brand was No. 2 topping the snack list for 12 states.

In North Dakota, we did not follow the pack. The most desired snack brand in North Dakota appears to be Tostitos.

This is a solid choice. When you think tostitos you immediately think nachos or chips and salsa which are both fantastic snacks.

It just begs the question, what is North Dakota's favorite Tostito chip? For me, it would be the Scoops kind.