Of all the companies based in North Dakota, have you ever wondered which one makes the most and how much he/she makes?

Each year, an organization called Equilar works with the Associated Press to determine the highest paid CEO packages in each state. This year's study was able to get information from just 45 states 9and D.C.), but it includes North Dakota.

The study looks at companies that make over $1 billion in revenue.

The highest paid CEO in North Dakota makes $3.3 million and that salary belongs to David L Goodin of MDU Resources Group Inc. according to the Associated Press.

It's certainly a nice chunk of change, but when looking at the data map provided by Equilar, the $3.3 million salary is the lowest amongst all the highest paid CEO's in each state.

Idaho's highest paid CEO, Darrell Anderson if IDACORP makes slightly more at $3.5 million.

Connecticut's highest paid CEO, Tom Rutledge of Charter Communications Inc., makes a comfortable $98 million. That is the highest salary of all the CEO's in the study.

I'll continue to sit here and stare at my bank account with tears streaming down my face like the rest of the regular people.

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