Everyone loves the summer and everyone loves summer fun. But there's some fun that we can't have simply because we live in the Bismarck area.

To these companies, we just want to let you know that we love you and we respect you and we want to give you our money. Yet you won't let us. You don't have a location in our area.

Here's some of the stuff we're missing out on:

  • Free Chick-Fil-A: On July 11, at all Chick-Fil-A locations nationwide, anyone who shows up wearing a cow costume will receive a free entree. It's not just BisMan missing out on this deal though. There isn't a Chick-Fil-A located in the entire state. Feel free to still dress up like a cow on this day. Unfortunately, it won't guarantee you any free food.

  • Free Baskin Robbins Ice Cream: On July 14, Baskin Robbins is offering up a free taste of their new flavor called, 'Polar Pizza.' Pizza flavored ice cream doesn't necessarily sound that appealing to me, but free is free. Baskin Robbins is also offering discounts all month long to people who download their mobile app. And finally, on July 31, scoops of ice cream are just $1.50. Once again, the entire state of North Dakota is missing out on this.

  • IHOP Pancakes for 59 Cents: Between 7am and 7pm on July 18, a short stack of buttermilk pancakes will run you just 59 cents. What a great deal. Who doesn't love cheap pancakes? A road trip to Fargo or Grand Forks will allow you to take advantage of this promotion. There are IHOP locations there. But Bismarck-Mandan? Nope. Only full-price non-IHOP pancakes here.

Bismarck-Mandan is great. But it can be greater. Sorry to provide you with the bad news. You should know what you're missing though. You're welcome.

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