Not only during Christmas time, but people give from their heart all year round

What's the first thing you think of when you hear the word Anonymous? To me, it spells out a lot of things. I immediately think of a kind modest soul who has just one goal. He or she is doing their part to help out someone in need or to show their appreciation, their personal gratitude to an individual or group without drawing any attention to themself. That gesture alone demands your respect. This kind of thing happens all year round.

Some early Christmas presents were given out to ten deserving Dickinson veterans

This is what I love about North Dakota, people will reach out and do what they can to honor others. This is where the anonymous part kicks in. All we know is that money was donated, not a word on where and whom it came from. A sheer unselfish act of love. According to KFYR "Two Dickinson area veterans were given an early Christmas present this year. Veterans Patricia Kemp and Glenn Gietzen each received a check for $1,000.They’re among 10 veterans in the state to receive a check this Christmas" The anonymous contacted the Injured Military Wildlife Project and proceeded from there.

Anytime that people are honored and recognized for their efforts is an awesome thing, and most of the time the donors are mentioned

This is an ok thing too, I understand that local businesses like to have their name mentioned when any kind of donation is handed out. They do it not just in the hopes that they'll draw attention and attract more customers, but merely because all of the employees, owners, etc are saying "Thank you" as a large group. My point is that if you ARE THE anonymous in this story, you just made a huge difference in 10 veterans' lives, what a wonderful feeling that must be.

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