Toto made good use of the complementary hotel toiletries during their recent European tour by collecting every item and donating them to a women’s charity in Glasgow.

The entire band and crew got involved after merchandise manager Scott Bradley, a Glaswegian, asked them all to join in. As a result, hundreds of bars of soap, bottles of shampoo and other items were donated to the Glasgow East Women’s Aid organization when the tour ended in the city earlier this week.

“It came about mainly because the 40 Trips Around the Sun European tour ended in Glasgow,” Bradley tells UCR. “Being my hometown, it meant I didn’t have to fly home [to the U.S.], so I didn’t have to consider the weight of my luggage! The band and crew all thought it was a great idea and everyone was keen to get on board with it, and we managed to collect a substantial amount.”

Bradley says he chose GEWA because “they do great work, and being a resident of the East end, I wanted to support a charity in my local community. The toiletries will be handed out to families who need basic survival assistance as part of GEWA’s mission to provide “help and support for women, children and young people affected by domestic abuse,” he notes.

Toto toiletries donation
Scott Bradley

“We would like to say a massive thank you to the band Toto, their crew and merchandise manager Scott Bradley," the organization said in a statement. "How great is this – everyone involved on the tour collected every toiletry from every hotel all over the world and donated it all to us. Thank you all so much for your kindness and support – what an amazing gesture.”

Bradley refuses to take credit for the idea, saying he’d heard of a colleague who’d done the same. “I think it would be fantastic if other touring outfits did something similar,” he says “I realize it’s not always logistically possible, but if the occasion arose, then go for it.”

Toto’s 40th anniversary tour continues in North America from June 30 to Aug. 25. They released 40 Trips Around the Sun, a compilation album featuring three new tracks, in February.

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