Donald Trump will be in Mandan later today and the state of North Dakota finally got name dropped on Twitter.

It's no secret that President Trump likes to tweet a lot but there are very few mentions of North Dakota. In fact, Trump's tweet this morning, is only the second time ever he's tweeted 'North Dakota.'

Even when Trump gave a speech at the Bismarck Event Center while on the campaign trail, he did not mention North Dakota in a tweet. He didn't mention 'Bismarck' either. In a way that's kind of interesting considering it was North Dakota delegates that put Trump over the edge to make him the official Republican Nominee.

Trump's only other mention of North Dakota on Twitter was back in 2013.

Trump's visit to North Dakota comes 229 after his inauguration and nearly 300 days after Trump promised to visit all the states that voted for him.

We'll see if Trump makes another mention of North Dakota once he arrives and as he leaves.

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