It was a great event on Saturday morning. 

The Edgewood walk at the mall Saturday morning was a very important one. It helped The Military Occupational Stress Program to get funds for educational trips for their patients.

The MOS is a suicide prevention organization for Veterans and according to KFYR-TV here's what they are saying:

"Take it to their families and say 'listen, this is what's going on, Ineed some help and I want you to know where I'm at' and that's what we're doing," said Stephanie Belohlavek-Geiger, Veteran Service Officer.

More than 200 people came to support the cause and more than 25 hundred dollars will help print supplies for families of someone who is just returning home.

It's always great to hear about small events around town that help our veterans. This one is just an example of many that happen throughout the year. As they come up we will keep you posted. 



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