Steven Spielberg must have a cheat code or something. His adaptation of Ready Player One dominated the weekend box office, grossing an estimated $41.2 million. Here’s the full weekend box office chart:

FilmWeekendPer ScreenTotal
1Ready Player One$41,210,000$9.733$53,215,000
2Tyler Perry’s Acrimony$17100,000$8,524$17,100,000
3Black Panther$11,263,000 (-34%)$3,769$650,699,634
4I Can Only Imagine$10,750,685 (-21%)$4,060$55,576,022
5Pacific Rim Uprising$9,205,000 (-67%)$2,482$45,670,820
6Sherlock Gnomes$7,000,000 (-34%)$1,912$22,820,646
7Love, Simon$4,800,000 (-36%)$2,372$32,150,794
8Tomb Raider$4,700,000 (-53%)$1,686$50,502,178
9A Wrinkle in Time$4,694,000 (-42%)$1,983$83,250,414
10Paul, Apostle of Christ$3,500,000 (-32%)$2,376$11,530,838

$41.2 million makes Ready Player One Spielberg’s fifth-biggest opening weekend in his entire career, behind Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullThe Lost WorldWar of the Worlds, and the original Jurassic Park. Add in its foreign totals, and the film has already made $181.2 million worldwide. That’s a pretty good start, although it needs to be; the movie wasn’t cheap to make. Ready Player One got an A- CinemaScore, which should help its chances to turn a profit in theaters.

Second place for the weekend went to Tyler Perry’s Acrimony (the film, not the concept) starring Taraji P. Henson. Its $17.1 million estimated opening is on the low end of Perry films (14th out of the 19 he’s directed, according to Box Office Mojo), although most of his biggest box office hits are his Madea films. This is the first of two Perry movies opening in theaters this year. In third place was Black Panther, the Marvel blockbuster that has already become the biggest superhero movie in history in the United States. With $650.6 million in domestic grosses, it will become the #4 movie of all-time in the U.S. in a matter of days, passing Jurassic World. The number three movie ever, Titanic, could be next to fall to the King of Wakanda a few days after that.

Fourth on the box office chart went to the faith-based I Can Only Imagine; fifth place belonged to Pacific Rim Uprising, which fell a steep 67 percent from its first weekend and grossed just $9.2 million. But while the film has grossed just $45.6 million in the U.S., it’s already earned more than $186 million overseas. So we may still see a third battle between kaiju and jaegers. (Oh goodie.)

Did you hear the rumor? For the second straight weekend, the best per-screen average in the country belonged to Wes Anderson’s new film. Isle of Dogs expanded to 165 theaters around the country and grossed $2.8 million, for a PSA of $17,030. In two weekends of limited release, the film has already earned $5.9 million worldwide. Anderson’s last animated film, Fantastic Mr. Fox, earned $21 million in its entire theatrical run, so the dogs of Trash Island are off to a very solid start.

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