On my lunch break, I decided to drive through my nearest Starbucks location to get a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. I can't seem to get warm today, plus that drink is seasonal. So, I thought this snowy day would be the perfect time for a hot drink.

I decided to wrap up lunch at home a little early so I could get my hot chocolate to warm me up. The store I live closest to is the West Century location. As I was pulling up to my turn, I was pleasantly surprised that I did not see a long line of cars. Then, the realization hit me - IT. WAS. CLOSED.

There was a small chalkboard marquee with a wet note, flapping in the wind, telling the public that the location is closed until further notice. The signs that were posted on the main entrance and the chalkboard marquee had notices that Starbucks was closed temporarily and to check out the other locations.

I was pretty bummed that I had to pull up to the store to learn that Starbucks was closed. There was no indication of the closure on the Starbucks app, Google, or Facebook. And I did not have time to drive to another location before getting back to work. But I decided to call one of the other locations to find out more. I was told that the West Century location is the only one that is closed, and that it was not known why the West Century location is closed or how long it will be closed.

Of course, we can speculate the reasons for the Starbucks store closure. Maybe COVID-19? Maybe deep cleaning?

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