Westworld is nothing, if not consist in its madness. If you liked that slick new Season 2 trailer, there’s a whole new digital rabbit hole to fall down for even more footage. Plus – Pacific Rim faves!

The same lunatic marketing team that put hexidecimal code in the recent poster placed another hidden code in a brief trailer shot, and fellow lunatics at Reddit were only to happy to follow along. /Film put together an impressive breakdown that goes from viral sites to Delos marketing clips, and yet another code that unlocks a message to Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) regarding wayward host Peter Abernathy. To save you a bit of time (and sanity), we’ve included the creepy marketing video below:

But wait – there’s more good news! Those disappointed by Pacific Rim Uprising this past weekend will be happy to discover that star Rinko Kikuchi actually has a stealth role in Westworld Season 2, and appears in the new trailer. Kikuchi appears to be playing a geisha-type character in “Shogun World” (Entertainment Weekly identifies her as “Akane”), but it remains to be seen how involved in the story she’ll be.

Westworld Rinko Kikuchi

And hey, what’s one more? HBO and Warner Bros. also released the full Nirvana “Heart-Shaped Box” cover from composer Ramin Djawadi, and they didn’t even make you translate hexidecimal code from the underside of James Marsden’s hat. You can have a listen below, and stay tuned for more from the April 22 premiere.

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