You've always heard growing up, if you want a good paying job, become a doctor. According to the latest figures, that advice seems to be correct. 24/7 Wall St. recently released their findings of the states where doctors make the most money annually. And, the Peace Garden State ranks very high out of the 50 states in the country.

There are many variables that come into play for a physicians annual salary such as location, the number of medical universities in the state they practice in and population. You can read more on the methodology used for this survey here.

Granted, it's common knowledge of the amount of debt a medical student graduates with, does play somewhat of a role in the cost to a patient and market costs in every state. It is cheaper to see a doctor in a small rural town compared to a physician associated with a huge medical center or research medical hospital. The other major factor is specialty doctors. Depending on a physician's  specialty, such as heart or a cancer specialist, these specialty doctors can bank more annually compared to your general family doctor.

Here is the breakdown- the states that where doctors make the least annual salary are West Virginia (51), Delaware, Michigan, Maryland and Maine.

The top states for physicians salary are-

  1. Alaska - average salary $330,000, medical specialist salary: $376,000 compared to the average salary for all occupations, $54,040.
  2. South Dakota - average salary $305,250, medical specialty salary: $411,000 compared to the average salary for all occupations, $37,300.
  3. Iowa - average salary $304,750, medical specialty salary:$378,000 compared to the average salary for all occupations, $41,120.

North Dakota physicians rank 8th. The average salary is  $278,000, specialty doctors salary are $472,000. The average salary for all occupations in North Dakota is $44,100.

Christopher Furlong/ Getty Images
Christopher Furlong/ Getty Images

You can see the entire list for all 50 states including the District of Columbia here.


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