So I'm watching Thursday Night Football, rocking into the commercial break FOX network plays a piece from "Red Barchetta". Don't know what that means?  Let's keep reading...

Best Concert? Easy thing to talk about because as a NoDak rock fan I've seen a million shows at the Bismarck Civic Center (I have NO problem with the name change, but Civic Center had a "feel" to it). I propose- that like us all, your favorite band is coincidentally, one that you probably discovered when you were 17-19 years old.

It happens.

Best rock concert that ever happened at the Bismarck Event Center was...

Rush "Signals" tour! must have been in 1982?

I'm horrible with years, but most of the artists I'll mention probably only played here once must be the same show you saw. In 1981, it seemed like the song Tom Sawyer from Rush was being played at every rock concert when I was looking for my seat.

My sister hates Rush.  At least she hates Geddy Lee's voice.  I get it...I'm no Ozzy fan. Sorry!

But, the best damn concert ever was Geddy, Alex Lifeson, and Neal Peart making more music than 3 individuals should ever be able to do!  RUSH was the best show at the Civic Center and I was so happy!  They were Canadian! Obviously, they'd come back right? Like REO does all the time? (another story).  They'd come back right?


Out of the blue during an NFL network broadcast an obscure Rush tune is heard...many memories return.  That picture is from their 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

PS...the 2nd best Civic Center show was Tom Petty.  Sorry, you were wrong on that one too!

Honorable mention- Doobie Brothers Farewell Tour!

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