The Daily Meal released a list of the funniest slang words from every state, and what's so funny about "you betcha"?

According to DM, "you betcha" is the funniest slang word in North Dakota. Outside of the word being used by Sarah Palin, I think we're proud of "you betcha"!

Some of the other terms from other states listed include-

  • Arkansas-  Cattywampus or caddywonkers or caddywonked , which means uneven or crooked.
  • Idaho- Boy-see, is the city the state capital is located. Most of us say "Boy-Z".
  • Kansas- "boy-darn", as an exclamation of awe, wonder, or frustration and better than saying "DAMIT".

Another word that should have been listed for the Peace Garden state should have been "BIZEN", which I learned quickly when I moved here!

You can see the complete list here.

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