Every Tuesday, I see numerous friends on social media post about "Taco Tuesday," which is a fantastic concept. It had me wondering today, "How did "Taco Tuesday" originate?

The idea behind Taco Tuesday is fantastic for so many reasons. Tacos are delicious, they're easy to make, they're usually relatively cheap, and they go with pretty much anything you want to drink. It would only make sense that a day of the week is devoted to them. Sure, why not make it a day of the week with a similar 'T' sound. So, who are the ones that were ingenious enough to make Taco Tuesday a regular thing?

According to "The Strange History of Taco Tuesday," it was Taco John's that started Taco Tuesday back in 1982. It was in 1989 when Taco John's officially trademarked the promotion in 49 states. However, other taco chains attempted to use the phrase and were sued by Taco John's in these instances. This did not bring good press for Taco John's.

Today, the trademark is no longer enforced. The phrase 'Taco Tuesday' is used by several restaurants and consumers alike, if nothing more than to use an excuse to devour tacos for one day out of the week. Oh, and if you want to celebrate Taco Tuesday at Taco John's in Bismarck, not only are there several locations, but they have a deal on beef tacos specifically for that purpose.

Other places that make a solid taco to celebrate Taco Tuesday in Bismarck, in no particular order are Taco Del MarArnaldo's, and La Carreta, among others.

Happy Taco Tuesday, everyone!

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