We've all been watching the turmoil out in Ukraine

The invasion from Mr bully ( Russia President and thug leader Vladimir Putin ) and his Russian troops has affected all of us in one way or another. There are people living here in Bismarck that is worried about family members out in Ukraine.

Showing support all over the world

People all over the world are showing their support for Ukraine, just last month Mirbla Punga ( who owns a grocery store at 231 West Broadway ) and several others participated in a parade here in Bismarck, waving Ukrainian flags, proud to be honoring a country that has been disrespected and shoved around by a small petty punk.

A classroom in Minnesota has been asked to remove their Ukrainian flag

So what is your feeling about this? Should we be allowed to hang a flag from a different country in our schools ( public or private )? Well in Byron, Minnesota there is a public school superintendent that says no. According to fox9.com "Byron Public Schools Superintendent Mike Neubeck says district lawyers are reviewing the school system’s policy covering what can be displayed in classrooms. He said he’s concerned that allowing teachers to hang the Ukrainian flag now could be a problem in the future"

The students all joined in with an attempt to show solidarity by hanging the Ukrainian flag in their classroom

The teacher of course was happy to join in, just recently however she was asked to take it down. The reasoning is that if one group had a particular flag hanging, it wouldn't be fair if the administrators said yes to some people and no to others? Make sense?

I get it, I do, but why couldn't a classroom have as many flags hanging at once?

To me, that would be absolutely fair. You CAN and should be allowed to show your support to more than one country.


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