We asked several law enforcement agencies across the state to send us a picture of a squad car so you can vote on which one you think is the coolest.

Many police departments did not respond and Mandan specifically requested to not be included.

However, we have most of the local law enforcement agencies in the Bismarck-Mandan area including Bismarck Police, Lincoln Police, Burleigh County Sheriff, and the Morton County Sheriff. We also have participation from the Fargo Police Department and the Minot Police Department.

In addition to asking for pictures, we allowed each law enforcement department to include any details about the car that they wished but we did not require them to do so. Descriptions of the vehicles, if provided, are below each photo.

Check out pictures of each law enforcement's squad cars below, and then vote for the one you like best. You can vote every six hours through Tuesday, October 24th. On Wednesday, October 25th, one law enforcement department will receive bragging rights.

Please keep in mind that although some of the photos are inherently cool just because of the lighting, the background etc, we ask that you vote based only on the look and features of the vehicle and not on the merit of the photo itself.

The pictures below are listed in alphabetical order by department:



"This is a 2016 Ford 3/4 Ton. The truck is used by our traffic division for accident response, proactive patrol and special enforcement. Some of it's features are a specially designed box that holds the portable scales for measuring weight of semi trucks, grill lights and lights in the back for when the tailgate is open. To quote our traffic Sergeant, "This truck is awesome!" This is the first pickup truck we have used for Patrol."


Burleigh County Use

"Some features we have in our cars are a watchguard camera system that records both inside and outside audio and video, our cars are equipped with a computer which gives officers all the mapping and GPS they need to respond to calls. And of course all the necessary police tools (siren, lightbar, spotlight, tire spikes, first aid kit)."






Lincoln Police Use



Minot Police Use

2016 Ford Explorer



Morton County

"It's an all-wheel drive 2015 Ford Expedition powered by a twin turbo 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 mated to a six speed automatic transmission. It's equipped with a Data911 computer, GPS mapping, Digital Ally video recorder, and Stalker Dual DSR radar (front & rear). The exterior has been modified with a Setina push bumper and high intensity LED emergency lighting. Tires are Goodyear Wranglers reinforced with Kevlar. The rear storage is used to carry a large first aid kit, bottled water, emergency blanket, and a body bag."


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