We all have a special connection to our hometown, but not like Winona Ryder, who's named after the town she was born in: Winona, MN.  Do you know anybody named Bismarck?  Mandan?  I know a couple of people named "Dakota".

The actress filmed a couple commercials for Squarespace, the website building platform, with one that will air in an abridged form during the Super Bowl this Sunday. The ads depict the Stranger Things actress in Red Wing boots, snapping pics and roaming around the college town in southeastern Minnesota, visiting a ukelele club, and sitting under a Welcome to Winona sign in an awkward, Fargo-like encounter with a local police officer.

Alongside the commercials and building an actual website that is an homage to her upbringing, Ryder created a limited-edition photobook called Welcome to Winona, with all of the proceeds going toward the American Indian College Fund, an organization that helps American Indians achieve college degrees. The 100 signed copies go on sale February 3rd.

The Minnesota town is hoping local tourism might just take off after this.  Here's the Super Bowl commercial:

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