I remember how bad my Junior High years were.  I wasn't part of the "in crowd," and those kids could be sooooooooo cruel.  Bullying When a Utah woman found out that her stepdaughter was teasing another girl at school for what she was wearing, she decided to punish her kid in a very effective way.


Ally Olsen made her daughter, Kaylee, wear an ugly dress she found at a thrift store to school so she would know what it felt like to be made fun of for her clothing.

And when Kaylee did it a second time, the pre-teen was forced to wear ANOTHER thrift store outfit to really drive the point home.

Then, Ally snapped a photo of Kaylee wearing these outfits and posted them on Facebook so the girl would have a constant reminder of how to treat other people.

Ally says that the lesson really worked and that Kaylee even thanked her for helping her learn a valuable lesson. (Yahoo)