Kids. Sometimes, kids can say and do the meanest things to other kids. Then you see this situation coming out of Bridgewater, MA and reported on by WPTV is West Palm Beach.

Danny- 1st grade student, is the water boy for a 5th grade football team. He has a slight speech impediment and always sports around with a tie and jacket, basically, he's a snappy dresser. It seems like Danny was being bullied by fellow students at school. The football team found out about it, and to show support for their water boy, the entire team wore a suit and tie to school. Check out this report filed by WPTV. It'll make your day!

This video will make you smile all day! Ok, wipe the tears from your eyes! Kids, sometimes they can be so mean, but then again, sometimes they will surprise you like they did here!

David Silverman /Getty Images