Success can be defined in many ways---your career, your family, where you live, what you drive, what you have accomplished so far and from what I've discovered---that road to success is very rare. The guys who make it to the top get there by doing special things – and learning special lessons along the way.  And I found a great list of truths when it comes to being successful and Your Early Morning Radio Pal is happy to share!



Here are some harsh truths about being successful:

No one cares about you – Successful guys solve their own problems. Super successful guys solve their own problems and the problems of others.

You can't always play by the rules – Nice guys finish last. So, figure out how to produce more by doing less, even if that means playing dirty.

It's never going to happen when you want it – There are no overnight successes. You will work tirelessly and keep reinventing yourself along the way.

Be prepared to fail over and over again – The true measure of your greatness is how you deal with failure and recover from it. (