I would have guessed the hottest new place to buy real estate might be here in North Dakota, maybe Montana, Idaho or my home state of Washington---Hope---the hottest new place to buy real estate--and people are spending millions is lunar is nature---we're talking THE MOON!



Some folks with mega bucks like Elon Musk, founder of Tesla(The Electric Car Company) and SpaceX, and even a man we've seen alot with his airline---Virgin CEO Richard Branson are looking beyond the earth to start business ventures – and real estate is the hot new market.   Some companies are selling plots of land up there, but they’re even offering financing for people who don’t have cash on hand.

Could this be the new 'Moonies?"   Would you buy something that you can't even touch or go to?   Me?  I'm more of a hands-on guy!   So this means I won't get "Mooned!"