Well.  Well.  Well.

As an observer, I've seen social media ripping on President Joe Biden for being the "motivation" of gas price rising nationwide.  The "I told ya so" repercussions have launched a million ruckus related comments. While in North Dakota, an overwhelming Republican majority may be finding it the perfect time to slip in a permanent tax hike of 3 cents a gallon.

Let's get to it...from North Dakota Associated Press...

The tax hasn’t been raised in North Dakota since 2005. If the Senate approves, adding 3 cents to the current 23-cent a-gallon gas tax would still keep it below surrounding states. The closest is South Dakota at 28 cents per gallon.

IMAGINE...if you will (it's up to you), if the 3 member North Dakota Democrat party had submitted a permanent gas hike. Y'all would have lost your mind.

(there may be more than 3- prove me wrong.)

It's cute if you say you wouldn't have lost it...I've mentioned before that I'm the son of a lifelong Highway Department dad, so I'm a firm supporter of supporting infrastructure improvement.  This bill seeks to do that without tapping into the so-called "Legacy Fund".  A fund, I believe we oughta start spending now,  Let's improve our roads. Especially western infrastructure, that I feel the fund was created to represent. To improve routes that have been laid waste through truck and equipment traffic for so many years.

Development will always cost cash...but cash is hard to come by under the scrutiny of the legislature and their constituents.  If you can beat enough drums against the other party, you may be able to accomplish the needs of the people by sneaking a little tax hike up their skirt.

Thanks for listening y'all!  Let's go rebuild some roads!

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