Congratulation to our GRAND PRIZE winner Hayden Bauer on the Keller Hearth 'N Home Hot Tub Time Machine.  Hayden won himself a four person hot tub worth over $8,000 dollars on Thursday, October 22nd at 9:20 am.  Hayden was speechless with excitement.  When asked if he had ever won anything like this before, his response was, "Not even close!"

Sue from Keller Hearth 'N Home joined Rockin' Rick in studio for the giveaway.  All of our qualifiers were narrowed down to the FINAL 30 in previous drawings prior to the contest.  The original plan was to have these 30 finalists to join us at Keller Hearth 'N Home's beautiful showroom for the grand prize giveaway.  Due to COVID-19 concerns and the safety of our listeners and employees at Keller Hearth 'N Home we decided to give it away on air.  Sue and Rick took turns drawing 5 names from the 30 finalists.  The phone lines were busied out and the first person to call us back would be the winner!  That's when Hayden Bauer's life was changed, when he heard his name announced and was first to call us back and win the hot tub!

So what's up next with Hot Tub Time Machine?  We have more big things in the works.  You can expect another grand prize giveaway soon.  In the meantime, Hot Tub Time Machine will return on Monday, October 26th.  You can catch Hot Tub Time Machine every Monday and Thursday going forward at 9:20 am.  Don't miss out on all the fun weekdays on COOL 98.7 with Rockin' Rick!


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