They always get their man, even after a 3-hour chase.

KFYR-TV is reporting a man is booked after leading several different agencies on a hot pursuit.

The incident started in Mandan, after a city officer tried to make a traffic stop when the driver would not stop. The pursuit was on, down Highway 1806.

The Morton County Sheriff's join the chase, when the 29-year-old man ditched his car, ran on foot, then stole a truck. At this point, the chase was on again.

By this time according to reports, the North Dakota State Police joined the chase and had an airplane follow the suspect on Highway 6.

The chase continued into Sioux County where The Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Sioux County sheriff join the pursuit.

The assailant avoided several spike strips during the chase, but the chase came to an end with the tire spike strip at the Little Heart Bridge.

The incident came to an end about 5:15, Monday afternoon where the man was taken into custody.

His name was not released pending formal charges.

There were no injuries in the chase.









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