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When a person goes missing, we never want to think the worst. We call friends, we call family, and just assume it was a miscommunication. Most of the time it is just that. But for some North Dakotans, the situation turns dire.  

The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation is working with law enforcement agencies all across the state to find some individuals that have been missing since the 60’s.  

Cold Cases Of ND

The following cases have unfortunately, gone cold. 

Remember: When a case goes "cold," that does not mean they are no longer being investigated. That just means there are currently no leads and/or evidence to connect a theory or crime.

These are still active investigations, so some details are being kept from the public.

Here are 5 of North Dakota's missing persons cases that have gone cold.

WARNING: Some of this content may be unsettling and disturbing. You might find it unsuitable for young children. 


5 Of North Dakota's Missing Persons Cases Gone Cold

Revisiting North Dakota's oldest cases.

Gallery Credit: Andi Ahne

This is not only eerie, but very sad to see that these families have yet to get closure. I'm sure there are many more cases that I did not mention here, sadly. I just wanted to spotlight a few that have gone cold, but are not forgotten by the people of North Dakota.

We can only hope that bringing attention to these cases every so often will help to solve the mysteries.

If you know anything, please reach out to the indicated authorities. Only contact police if you have credible information. Lying to police or giving false statements is a punishable crime.



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