A huge responsibility to serve the public

The sentence above is so true, many of us take for granted what a huge responsibility it is to serve the public. Yes, the obvious, to make sure the customers are taken care of, that's a no-brainer. When you own a business, the pressures are more intense, and the recent news out of Fargo, North Dakota proves that.

Restaurants and bars have no wiggle room whatsoever when it comes to serving alcohol.

When you are serving alcohol to the public, the laws are pretty simple. You need to be at least 21 years of age and older to buy booze in North Dakota, there is no exception. If you own a restaurant or some other kind of business that sells alcohol, and one of your employees gets caught breaking the law, you are headed for some serious trouble, and it happens more times than you think.

Fargo bars and restaurants popped for non-compliance

According to KVRR "Nine out of 41 Fargo restaurants and bars recently failed the compliance checks conducted by Fargo Police. Violations included knowingly serving to underaged drinkers and not checking identification" That percentage is not very good. The penalty for a place that gets caught is usually a fine and KVRR reported that "Fargo businesses may have up to seven offenses before their liquor license can get revoked" Wow really, seven? That seems pretty relaxed to me.

The reality of trusting your own workers

The article also touches on the fact that some of the infractions could have easily been avoided, due to the fact that most people who serve alcohol are trained to look at id's. That to me though, If I was an owner, wouldn't be enough assurance to make sure no minor ever would be served.

Imagine being naive enough to not give a damn about the law

Lastly, an owner has an enormous task at making sure he or she complies with the laws dealing with alcohol, if for some reason they fail to take it seriously, they would be risking so much, and sadly some people will take that chance.


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