While I understand that desperate times may call for desperate measures, I do not think robbing a taco place is ever the answer for solving financial problems. Well, today (July 2), a Bismarck fast food Mexican restaurant got held up and robbed. Thankfully, nobody got hurt.

According to KFYR-TV, 25-year-old Garen Montreal robbed a Taco Bell location in Bismarck. On Thursday morning (July 2), Montreal walked into the restaurant and pulled a knife and gun (which turned out to be a BB gun) on the people there, says the news report. The story says that Montreal made off with nearly a thousand dollars and everyone's phones. "Montreal was arrested for strong arm robbery and attempting to flee from police," according to KFYR-TV. Get more information on today's Taco Bell robbery story here.

Right now, I'm thinking about the poor victims in this robbery. Can you imagine going to work or out to eat and being held up by gunpoint? Even though the gun turned out to be a BB gun, it would still be surreal and horrifying to experience an event like this.

The other thing I think about when crimes like this one happen is, "How did you think you'd get away with this?" Seriously. I mean, there are cameras and witnesses everywhere this day-and-age. Is it really worth the risk to rob a place for a few hundreds of dollar and potentially end up in jail? I say "potentially," but you don't need statistics to know the odds of a clean escape are pretty slim.

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