The Minnesota Vikings were 11-0 in one-score games coming into yesterday's Super Wild Card round game against the New York Giants.

A team that Minnesota had just beaten a few weeks ago with the longest all-time field goal by a Minnesota Vikings kicker ever.  Kicker Greg Josephy kicked a 61-yard walk-off field goal back on Christmas Eve to beat the Giants.

Countless come-from-behind wins this year, including the largest comeback in the history of the NFL when Minnesota came from 33 points down to defeat the Indianapolis Colts.

The improbable overtime victory in Buffalo to defeat the Bills where it literally took a miracle to win that game.

You just had a feeling that maybe this was our year.

Except for one glaring problem.  The Vikings' defense was as porous as swiss cheese.  I mean they are bad.  The way teams could run up and down the field against them, it's amazing we even won 9 games let alone 13.

That was the case again yesterday as the Giants had their way with our defense in a 31-24 victory at US Bank Field.  The Giants move on in the playoffs and the Vikings have an all too familiar ending.  One and done.

Which brings me to the question?  Are Minnesota sports teams cursed?

Let's take a look at this and examine the situation.

Minnesota Vikings:  They have lost 4 Super Bowls and haven't been to the big game since 1977.  Numerous NFC title game debacles.  Unthinkable missed playoff field goals.  Terrible coaching decisions during the playoffs.  Take a knee, Trick play pass play to Kirk Cousins who can't run, etc.  Dream seasons that were dashed by unthinkable mistakes during playoff games.  Brett Favre throwing across his body, Adrian Peterson's fumbles, etc.

Verdict?  Definitely cursed.    

Minnesota Twins:  They have lost 18 straight playoff games.  That is unthinkable.  Yes, I know they are the only men's Minnesota pro sports team to win a title before, but 1987 and 1991 seem like an eternity ago.  I will likely never see a World Series title in my life again.  Now, they can't even win a playoff game and they're a punch line to just about every baseball joke.

Verdict?  Definitely cursed.

Minnesota Wild:  Let's face it, the state of hockey should be renamed.  The Wild have barely won any playoff series and are usually 1 and done even when they're expected to move on in the playoffs.  At least the Minnesota North Stars made it to the Stanley Cup Finals twice before losing.

Verdict?  Definitely cursed.

Minnesota Timberwolves:  Not even worth writing about.

Verdict?  Who cares.

Yep, I would like to say there's always next year but don't count on it.  You will more than likely never see a championship from a Minnesota sports team.



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