Now that we have some limited freedom again, as far as being able to attend sports events, it really makes us appreciate what we all took for granted just recently. Think about it, we USED to go to a ballgame, sitting among hundreds of other fans outside or inside and watching our favorite teams play. COVID-19 has changed our whole way of doing things, that has been obvious. On the same lines of making do with what we have NOW ( social distancing and other restrictions ), imagine being at a local high school game, with your family, about ready to watch some basketball, when all of a sudden you notice that things don't seem to be happening at its usual way - once again, we all take for granted the Star-Spangled Banner, right? On this night, Trenton Brown and his wife were in the stands, all set to cheer on the Waverly High Tigers, taking on the Portsmouth West High Senators in West Portsmouth, Ohio. The announcement was made for all to stand, both teams were lined up in anticipation of the traditional song, and then NOTHING. The sound system somehow someway had sensed a magical moment coming up. When it was obvious that there was a malfunction, Trenton wasn't shy at all, with a nudge from his wife, he sang loud, proud, and beautifully.

        "I looked over at the announcer and the music didn't play and didn't play and I looked over and he was getting a little frustrated. My wife gave me a little nudge and said "Sing" and I said, "All right,'" Brown told CNN. Although Brown said he has been singing and playing music most of his life, he had never performed the National Anthem solo. "There was a lot of awkward silence ... and then I started singing and that was it,"  

Check out the moment by clicking here.  Life is full of curveballs and the challenge is there for all of us, every day to stay PUT in the batter's box and hang in there.


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