In case you missed it, Flea, bassist of The Red Hot Chili Peppers was in North Dakota this weekend.  Taking part in a Native American wedding, the reception after and a pow wow.

Flea and his wife Melody Ehsani were in New Town to celebrate their friends Jocy and Trae Little Sky's wedding.  Following the wedding, Flea even picked up a bass and performed with another guest who was singing and playing guitar.

We know Flea can tear it up on the bass, but he can also get down with the drumbeat.  The Little Shell Pow Wow, in New Town, North Dakota, is home of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Tribes that make up the Fort Berthold Reservation. Every summer during a weekend in August, people come together to celebrate, dance, visit and pray.

Watching the video you can see this is not Flea's first time dancing.  He is a Grass Dancer and has the moves, he definitely feels the heartbeat of the drum. His regalia is absolutely beautiful and fits him well. Before dancing Flea can be seen smudging.  Smudging is drawing the smoke of burning sage and sweet grass over your body to cleanse the spirit.

Many friends of mine posted videos and pictures of Flea at the pow wow.  He obviously had a great time here in North Dakota celebrating his friends wedding and the Little Shell Celebration..

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My question is...Did anyone invite him to come back and dance at United Tribes International Pow Wow here in Bismarck.  It is a couple of weekends away.  Maybe he will be back someday.


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