Men And Women

Worst Dates Ever
I’ve been on a few crazy first dates, so when I came across these stories, I felt appreciative that my dates were not this bad!
Dating Site for Packers Fans
Around this area---lots of Viking, Packers, and Broncos fans, and a few like me---Seattle Seahawks fans--hey---we did win the Superbowl--clobbering Denver.  But for you Packers fans, now you have your own dating website!!
What Makes A Guy HOT!
There are certain things that make a man much more appealing to a woman.  Obviously things like staying in shape--taking a shower on a regular basis, brushing those teeth.  But what really makes a guy hot and attractive.   Found some things that guys need to think about and more …
Lowdown On LIES!
With the new year here---we gotta be honest here----we all lie.  And before you start a little protest here---I'm not talking great big lies, but those proverbial little white lies.   I do it, you do it and we all do it.    And I found out some things about lies---courtesy of Dr. Phil McGraw---yes …

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