A local stretch of the interstate near Mandan was shut down for a short while this week after a sticky spill.The Bismarck Tribune reports the Highway Patrol responded to a call early Thursday about a sticky substance on the interstate highway near Mandan Exit 153.

Turns out the goopy stuff was maple syrup. Mostly.

As MyNDNow reports, the state Department of Health and Bismarck Hazmat responded, and found it was 87% maple syrup, which they think was used with cattle feed.

Ranchers use the syrup as part of the cattle's regimen as it is high in metabolizable energy. and a good source of protein.

They deemed it "not hazardous." They're still investigating where it might have came from. Authorities also found traces of the syrup on Memorial at Collins.

If you know anything about where the source of the syrup, call the North Dakota High Patrol at 844-474-6347.

[Source: KXMB News]






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