Some people are really into the Super Bowl this weekend, then you have some that really don't give a flip. They're just wanting free munchies and beer.

I would fall in that group. Denver or Carolina. I'm hoping for a great end to Payton Manning's career but I also like the colors of Carolina. That's where I am with the game. In order to predict a winner, I got this toy, Kirk the Kicker.

To represent Denver, we have a can of Coors Beer. For Carolina, known for their Bar B Que, we have some BBQ chips. Kirk the Kicker needs to kick his ball. The first ball to fall into the teams bowl, COULD be the winner of the game. (stop laughing, we know it's stupid)

So I guess it'll be Carolina!

Rich Schultz / Getty Images
Rich Schultz / Getty Images

Then maybe not!

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