Just this last week some guy turned in a million dollar lottery ticket at a New Town location.  Now, that doesn't necessarily make him a "New Town" man but he turned it in pretty darn quick so he's at least from the neighborhood.  Everyone in the region is looking at their family and friends to see if they have a smile that you couldn't slap off their face.

He remains anonymous...good for him.  If you know him; please tell him we're spending his money.

First off...we buy an island- it is a bit of a northerly island.  Might I suggest this island? Come on!  Fox family? Canada? And it's only $80,000. So, it's some place to land when things get weird.

So less the additional $10,000 tip we leave at the New Town store- about $910,000 remain (I'm not taking taxes out of the million- deal with it Revenuer)

The only thing to do with a million dollars is see the world!

Every corner of the world! Every continent, every airport, every hotel- every nasty thing everybody is crowd touching like crazy.

Wait...I'm rich! Why travel with the masses? Buy a private plane!  If you didn't click on that...you should- just so you know what we're buying here.

Yes, the amphibious plane is super cool- but, the idea was to see the WORLD; not just buzz around our island.  So, let's put the Beachcraft G36 Bonanza in our cart.  It's a four seater, so there's room for a pilot (important) and a cooler (less important).

WHAT!! $760,000!!!

Planes are expensive.

There you go- $150,000 left to travel the world!

Not sure how much pilots and gas cost...

Maybe you should just invest it wisely instead. Congratulations but remember a million doesn't buy what it used to.

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