Are you looking for a story that will "WARM Your Heart?", This is it

For those people that are well into their marriage, you will always remember the day HE or SHE said "Yes". Now if you are getting close to popping the question and are just wondering the WHEN and WHERE that seems to be the two biggest stepping stones in your quest to "Win Their Hand". The WHEN is the easiest of the two, only you know WHEN it feels right, but the WHERE part to me is the key. You want to make sure that both of you will never forget that special moment.

A genius move by a Mandan restaurant a while ago sparked an idea for a Bismarck man

Back in December, I wrote a story about the Paddle Trap restaurant in Mandan and their genius idea of putting three nice and cozy igloos out on their outdoor patio, overlooking the Missouri River. Some people may have been skeptical of the idea at first, thinking that there is no way you can stay warm inside of one of those on a chilly North Dakota night. Christian Clausnitzer's knees were knocking just a bit, but not from the cold.

Two hearts beat as one inside an igloo in Mandan

In late December Christian knew it was time, and he had the perfect place picked out. According to “We were both kind of shaking, it was exciting but yeah, it was definitely nerve-racking,” Raylee said "Yes", but really doesn't remember much of all the details, overwhelmed maybe? She does remember having an audience “The whole kitchen staff was behind the - they came out and they were all like looking, and it was pretty cool.” added.

Come experience the igloo magic yourself

If you are looking to have a wonderful dining experience, you can rent an igloo by clicking here -


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