Hey, don't let the title of this story depress you or anything like that...POSITIVE thinking is what we all need.

What I mean by the above paragraph is simply this - yes today is Monday, May 8, 2023 - I personally plan on being here in Bismarck in 2072 ( who cares if I'll be 110 old years young ) - Just think about this, Bismarck turns 200 years in 2072, so to help celebrate this town's current age of 150, there are two students that are planning on doing justice to preserve and save some impressive items and moments of history.

Camp Hancock was chosen as the place a time capsule will be buried this Sunday ( May 14th )

I think this is an awesome project - celebrating our ( Bismarck ) 150th anniversary, two students have smartly designed a time capsule to capture and save our history. According to kfyrtv.com "This time capsule is an 18 by 18 by 18-inch cube. Made out of stainless steel and its contents will be items that were collected over the last year, that were created in support for the sesquicentennial, for example, the flag that is behind, we got letters from Washington dignitaries,” said an assistant city administrator.

If this was your project, what would you put in the capsule?

I find this really fascinating, to me there are so many things I would consider to be stored away, and you can't just save everything.  The two BPS Career Academy students have chosen "...memorabilia like notes and a flag, collected throughout the 150th celebration of the city"

So WHEN will the time capsule be available to us again...?

...Not until 2072. Let's all meet up and open it together...Cool?


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