An amazing entertainer that is as charming and cordial as you'll find

So I'm not quite sure exactly WHEN Alice Cooper rolled into Bismarck this past week, but I do know for sure that he was seen at Kirkwood Mall on Tuesday. Just out for a friendly stroll doing some window shopping, completely being himself and approachable to anyone.

Kirkwood Mall Facebook
Kirkwood Mall Facebook

What does a superstar do hours before he is going to hit the stage and perform in front of thousands of exciting fans?

So there was Alice enjoying himself in town on Tuesday, then yesterday was his big show at the Bismarck Event Center, along with Buckcherry ( the opening act ), so a perfect time for him to spread some more good cheer and be one of the first customers of the day at Kobe's II Japanese Steak House  915 W Interstate Ave. He and his Sheryl leisurely strolled in and made themselves comfortable, and completely blew away the staff at the restaurant.

This is what Alice Cooper does the best ( besides putting on a fantastic show for over 50 years ). He has no fear of being out and about among the rest of us. A friend of mine in San Diego saw him at a public golf course years ago, and he was humble and gracias to his fans.

Alice Cooper displayed his version of "North Dakota Nice" to perfection

Thank you Mr. Alice Cooper for another great show, but most importantly for just being a role model for so many, a real person.

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