We asked you to tell us which law enforcement agency you felt had the coolest squad car.

After the polls were left open for a week, the results were in. The agencies that chose to participate were Bismarck PD, Burleigh County Sheriff, Fargo PD, Lincoln PD, Minot PD, and Morton County Sheriff.

The voting led to some banter between law enforcement departments. The Morton County Sheriff claimed that Bismarck was using Photoshop to help tilt the results.

morton county scrn shot

The Bismarck Police Department did not appreciate such accusations.

bis pd scrn shot

Photoshop or not, whatever the Bismarck Police did, it worked. The Bismarck Police squad car overwhelmingly won the vote getting 43% of the vote.

This was Bismarck's description of their vehicle, a picture of which is at the top of this post:

This is a 2016 Ford 3/4 Ton. The truck is used by our traffic division for accident response, proactive patrol and special enforcement. Some of it's features are a specially designed box that holds the portable scales for measuring weight of semi trucks, grill lights and lights in the back for when the tailgate is open. To quote our traffic Sergeant, "This truck is awesome!" This is the first pickup truck we have used for Patrol.

Lincoln came in second place securing 24% of voters.

Fargo, North Dakota's largest city, came in third place with 14%.

But even Fargo admitted that Bismarck had a pretty cool truck:

fargo pd scrn shot

The Morton County Sheriff may have earned some notoriety with their Facebook smack talk but unfortunately it did not earn them any extra votes. They came in fourth place with just under 9% of the vote.

Burleigh County Sheriff came in fifth place while Minot was in last place.

Thanks for everyone who voted and remember that regardless of what the squad cars look like, when you see flashing lights, move to your right and get out of the way.

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