Remember back when it was actually hard to find a job?  Back in my day, summer jobs were extremely tough to come by.  Between the high school and college kids, it was pretty slim pickings to find employment anywhere.

I have a son who just graduated high school, and he has been working in the service industry this summer.  I asked him if his workplace is having similar issues with staffing.  He said there have been times when only 3 people were working the dinner rush because they couldn't find employees to work.  This establishment would normally have twice that many employees during that timeframe.

I heard a story about a fast food place this past spring in Bismarck where only the drive-thru was open, and only one employee was working.  That's right, he was taking the order, going back and making the food, and then serving the food.

No wonder lines and wait times are so much longer at just about every restaurant in Bismarck Mandan.  YIKES.  You have to feel for these businesses.  My question is what are kids doing for money these days?  Maybe we don't want to know?

I had heard a rumor about a new higher-end sit-down burger joint that might be coming to Bismarck in the future.  Again, begs the question, how would you even staff it right now?  What is it going to take for people to get back to work?  The COVID-19 excuse has kind of run out.

Well, another popular restaurant/pizza place in Bismarck has shut down due to staffing shortages.  I personally LOVE this place.  According to their Facebook page, MacKenzie River Pizza, Grill & Pub has temporarily closed due to a staffing shortage.  They are attempting to replenish their staff right now, so if you need a job?  Just sayin'.


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