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Sunset Fire Relief Groups SHINE! God Bless.
In this bit of sharing, I am completely giving it up to these incredibly hard working, dedicated, and amazingly on-point-people, that have mobilized into a Taking Care of Business(TCB) closely knit group of community organizers that have risen to assist those whom have lost so much...
ND, Your Measure Number 3 Is One Packed Sausage!
I'm certain everyone can find one part of Measure #3 they agree with, yet another part you sympathize with, and another part that simply defies comprehension.
It's on the November ballot. You choose...I won't tell you what to think.
But, I'll tell you what I think- after you read i…
Mandan Sunset Fire Part 2- One Family Engulfed By Both.
Incredible to believe but in mid-July of 2019 a fire devoured a 42 unit complex in Mandan's north side- the Sunset Bluffs apartments.  It was a conflagration we will all never forget.  It burned so spectacularly with it's decorative fire hydrants and the devastated lives of all t…

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