Nothing personal, but your kids or grand kids are tired of looking at your face.

In a related story, you sometimes get tired of the little ones getting in your face.

Young Mother overwhelmed by her kids

Grab the sunscreen and let's start putting some smiles on all those faces

Singing, swinging, dancing, and kids playing together! Summer's better with Bismarck Parks and Rec and the Dakota West Arts Council.  I'm barely going to scratch the surface of all the activities that are available in Bismarck Parks and Mandan Parks.  Click those links to learn a whole lot more.  I just wanted to get out the word about some Bismarck park activities partnering with the DWAC.

There's the Kids Summer Stage which takes place in Bismarck's very first park!  Yup, it's in Custer Park, y'know with the big bronze eagle on Washington and Broadway? The Summer Stage happens from noon til one every Wednesday through August 11th.  Join Kris Kitko with Kittyko Music and Entertainment for sing-alongs and dance-alongs that really get them kids laughing.  Bring a sack lunch and a blanket or chairs and enjoy a summer afternoon outdoors.  Tell you what, make it a regular Wednesday thing and make plans to head across the street to the Elks pool and cool off on the hot days. Get your kids waiting all week for Wednesdays to arrive!

There's also music playing in the outdoor ampitheatre at General Sibley Park.  It's a called "Songs at Sibley: A Summer Concert Series" and features some really talented musicians.  For dates and artist click here.

Summer is too much fun and those kids need to really burn off some energy- come on out and enjoy your parks!

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