Are You The Worst Cook In America, Bismarck?  Bismarck resident Evan Baker has certainly set the bar pretty high...or low, depending on your perspective.  Either way, his cooking skills have landed him on "Worst Cooks In America" on the Food Network.

Evan's wife, Casandra, actually submitted his name to the show after he did what many of us do in North Dakota and the Midwest, clean out the fridge and get creative with the leftovers.  When we spoke, I found out that Evan and I both have wives that don't like leftovers in the fridge.  For many of us, getting creative and "whipping something up" out of what's on hand comes natural, but Evan's wife wasn't too impressed with his culinary combinations...(although I have to give him kudos for his choice of Mexican Blend cheese, it's one of my Go To's as well and if you call it a Hot Dish, you can usually get a pass in North Dakota).  That's when Casandra decided that Evan was one of the worst cooks in America and she thought that she should share that with everyone else by getting him shipped off to boot camp.

Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli is joining the show as a mentor and host Anne Burrel will be whipping Evan and the other cooking challenged recruits into culinary shape.  This season's cast will be put through the paces with cooking challenges designed to improve their kitchen skills.  In the end, the recruit who made the biggest culinary transformation wins the $25,000 cash prize.

The seven episode season premiers Sunday, June 21st at 8pm on the Food Network.  As for Evan, he couldn't tell me how he did on the show, so you'll have to tune in to find out if he is The Worst Cook In America or just Bismarck.


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