It's fair time again.

I can almost hear the carnies offering me a "free one" if I come over to their booth and show off my arm.  There's something about the smell of fair food.  Ribs, tacos, hamburgers, and hot dogs all taste better at the fair.

We especially love county fairs in North Dakota.

I love the 4-H exhibits from animals to crafts.  I have an appreciation for all the hard work and discipline these young men and women have had to endure for their big moment to shine and show off all their hard work over the past year.

I love live music.  Street dances in small towns have always been a favorite of mine.  The parades and social gatherings are always a highlight of the summer.

Area Guide for North Dakota County and Other Fairs:

Missouri River Festival-June 2nd to June 11th-Bismarck Event Center Parking Lot.  Find out more here.

McLean County Fair-June 16th to June 18th-Underwood, North Dakota.  Find out more here.

Roughrider Days-June 17th to July 9th-Dickinson, North Dakota. (Dustin Lynch in concert)  Find out more here.

Stutsman County Fair-June 28th to July 1st-Jamestown, North Dakota. (Johnny Holm Band in concert)  Find out more info here.

Red River Valley Fair-July 7th to July 16th-West Fargo, North Dakota. (Tyler Hubbard, Jelly Roll, & Dan+Shay in concert)  Find out more info here.

Kidder County Fair-July 12th to July 16th-Steele, North Dakota.  Find out more info here.

Mercer County Fair-July 13th to July 16th-Beulah, North Dakota.  Find out more info here.

North Dakota State Fair-July 21st to July 29th-Minot, North Dakota (Jelly Roll, Brad Paisley, Whiskey Myers & Eric Church in concert).  Find out more info here.

Morton County Fair-August 2nd to August 6th-New Salem, North Dakota.  Find out more info here.

Oliver County Fair-August 10th to August 12th-Center, North Dakota.  Find out more info here.

Grant County Fair-August 17th to August 20th-Carson, North Dakota.

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